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Donna Sicilia the eco tour of historic homes

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I invite you to find out my beauty and every inner secret.
My name's Donna Sicilia, I'm known for having charmed poets and writers.
I live in an extraordinary beauty and I decided I want to be known by going around Sicily, along a romantic path, through historical mansions, by an electric car, an environment friendly trip towards our millenary houses, being enchanted with what humans have never explored in their lives.


It's an itinerary promoted and done by Sicily by Car, a national leader Company in the Car Rental field. Such this initiative links the new eco tourism trend and the excellence of tradition and the Sicilian hospitality, promoting unique and unforgettable experiences.

Thanks to the foresight of the Manager Tommaso Dragotto, Sicily by Car has always proposed innovative and ultimate rental services ever since. Thanks to the the revolution of the "100% green rental", Sicily by Car, present today a new  4-wheel itinerary idea, for those ones who want to discover the wonderful Sicilian territory, getting inside a trip full of history and architecture, tradition and innovation. 
“I thought of an itinerary able to highlight the most authentic soul of this extraordinary land, following its irreplaceable heritage. From these premises comes the first eco-guide to the historic Sicilian residences, an itinerary that runs through the entire region to discover historic places and residences with the warmth and elegance of the most typical Sicilian hospitality.”
After an accurate research of the most exclusive and representative locations of the Sicilian teritory, Sicily by Car has provided these spots with top-up posts. For those tourists who either stay for some nights, or just stop for lunch or a break, a Sicily by Car Customer can top up his/her Zoe vehicle for free, thanks to those premises who have given consent to do so, in cooperation with our Company.
“I want to protect this beautiful island, protect it from pollution and offer it a new elixir of youth, rich in ecological and sustainable resources. The future of Donna Sicilia is “green”, green as electricity with zero CO2 emissions, and green as my hope. And my hope is that Sicily by Car becomes a virtuous example in the field of wheeled mobility ”
The project in a sentence. (President Dragotto)

With the project Donna Sicilia, Sicily by Car  has the pleasure to offer to their clients the possibility to rent their 100% full electric Renault Zoe vehicles without any extra fee to top up
Once the car has been booked, find out the marvellous Sicilian historical mansions that cooperate with us, check the following link and call the premises directly for your stay. When you arrive, you will be able to top your Sicily by Car vehicle up, with no extra fees.

*check the distance among the mansions here
**look up the map for the historical mansions that cooperate with us.
San Calogero San Calogero Spaccaforno
Spaccaforno Terrenere Carrubbazza